Thursday, February 24, 2011

This time of year

 This time of year should have it's own season in Arizona.  Some weeks we have beautiful sunny 80 degree weather then the next week it is back down to the 50's again.  The leaves have finally fallen off the trees leaving our courtyard a mess.  This kind of sums up my moods lately, highs, lows and confused. 

Another thing a bit backward where I live is that Rodeo weekend is one of our biggest holidays of the year.  Every year in Tucson all the schools close for two days on the 3rd week of February for our Rodeo.  You would think we all wear cowboy hats and ride horses but honestly I wouldn't know where to go to find a horse in this town and cowboy hats are costume props to most people I know.  Still, there is part of our community that gets very into Rodeo events so we all get a four day weekend every year.  I have nothing against the Rodeo but I have been maybe twice in my life.

My point of this is that Ava has been sick for three days and now we are starting Rodeo break so all this combined means I got a week off of work.  Although I've been feeling creative I did not have myself organized to take advantage of all this time at home.  It is so frustrating to have so many ideas but no direction of where to begin.  So yesterday instead of starting a new project I went through a stack of papers that has been sitting by the computer.  I came across this sheet that brightened my day.

A month or two ago the girls decided to have a girl's night.  They planned it all out and even wrote down a schedule of events.  The cutest thing about it was they actually followed it.  "Okay, the movie is over let's make shadow puppets."

So, today is another day.  I'm not sure if there will be more highs or lows but I'll do my best to find the little hidden gems.

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