Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freeze Day - Snowflakes and A Pajama Party

This winter seams to be pretty harsh for most of the country.  Here in Arizona though we have been quietly enjoying are 70 degree weather.  That is up until Wednesday when the cold came through.  We are not use to handling freezing temps and when it drops into the teens this city falls apart.  Gas is out in thousands of homes, water pipes are bursting left and right, they even closed dozens of schools on Friday.  Water was out at my girls' school so we had a "freeze day" yesterday. 

The morning didn't go so well, our water was frozen (thankfully no broken pipes) and the girls were having a tough time getting along.  I was hoping to make it through my "needs mending" pile but I had to set the sewing aside and turn the day around.  I pulled out the doilies I bought for Erin's Pinkalicious birthday party (she's ready to send out invitations even though it is not until the end of April) and we made a snowflake chandelier. 

Turning pre-cut paper circles into snowflakes could not be any easier.  We just folded them in half and then in half again and a few snips later, whalla, snowflakes.  Run to your nearest cake decorating isle and pick up a package.  They are so much fun.


A little crafting, lunch and defrosted pipes put us all in a happy mood again.  We decided to bake cookies and watch TV/sew in the afternoon.  I was able to finish up some pajama pants I had intended on giving them for Christmas.  This "freeze day" is also Jeff's birthday so we decided to have a party.  He happens to be on a ski trip with his friends but we celebrated a Pink and Purple Polka-dot Pizza Pajama Party in his honor. 

You can't go wrong with take-out, chocolate milk, wine and a Disney movie.

 After dinner (and cookies) we watched the rest of Bolt and snuggled up with Wrigley on the floor.  That dog was in heaven.

Our freeze day ended up being a beautiful day in the 50's and even though we had no real snow we stayed cozy inside and did nothing.  So happy birthday Jeff, sorry you missed your party but we'll be happy to do it all again next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Perfect inspiration for these cold AZ days! I love the feet and dog photo too.

Catherine said...

I love pajama days! Great photos!


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