Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tea Leaves #1

The good news is I finished my Tea Leaves sweater over Thanksgiving weekend.

 The bad news is it is ginormous!

I find that I knit pretty loose so I went down a needle size but after measuring it it turns out I choose the wrong pattern size.  Doh!  I didn't want it to end up too tight but I couldn't get it any smaller even after blocking it.  Twice.  On the bright side I guess I'm a small and not a medium.  Chalk this one up as another learning experience.

Now... what to do with the ginormous sweater?  I think I'll frog it ("rip it, rip it") and start over with fewer stitches.  My head is still foggy from this cold so I think I'll sleep on it before I make any major decisions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Lia! I think the sweater is gorgeous--even if a bit big! Just wanted to write a little note to you to express how much this sweet blog warms my heart. You are an inspiration to all women and I feel so lucky to be your friend! <3 Alese


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