Friday, October 8, 2010

Our Adventure to Wisconsin

We had a great time in Milwaukee but getting there was quite the adventure.

Friday morning we drove from Tucson to catch a flight out of Phoenix. It was a rough start to the day with a few 'oops I forgot' trips back home which lead to a 45 minute delay in getting on the road. The drive is normally about 1 1/2 to 2 hours but it took us more than 7 hours!

First of all the interstate was closed because a truck carrying ammunition and explosive liquids caught on fire. We never really heard the whole story about that because we had issues of our own.

Shortly after calling the airlines to change our 1:00 flight to 3:20 Jeff noticed we had a flat tire. I guess the only good thing about all the delays was that about 10 feet from where we pulled over was a nice man in an orange vest who worked for the department of transportation. He brought our girls cold water as Jeff pulled out the spare and changed the tire. To add to our string of bad luck the spare was completely flat. The nice guy in the orange vest then got on his radio and called for a truck to bring us an air compressor.

Meanwhile I had the girls in the car with the AC on (because it was 106 degrees) and we drained the battery.

So... we were that sad family you pass on the side of the road with 2 flat tires, a dead battery, 2 crying kids with our luggage piled next to the highway.

It took maybe an hour to get all fixed up and put back together but we soon realized that we would not be making our 3:20 flight. We kept somewhat calm as we got on the phone and changed our flight, again. Now we had to fly into Chicago and drive 2 hours up to Milwaukee. Luckily family from there was also making the trip so someone stayed behind to meet us. To top the day off poor Ava got car sick just after midnight as we pulled into town.
It was a long, long day but we made it. Jeff's family greeted us with a warm welcome and a hilarious message we accidentally left on his brothers cell phone that captured 4 minutes of the chaos when we discovered we had a flat tire.
I won't go into details but the trip home was not without drama. 1 missed landing due to heavy tail winds, a cancelled flight, delays and a slow 2 1/2 hour drive home on a spare tire. Whew, good to be home.


Anonymous said...

That is quite the trip! My flight from NC got rerouted through Albuquerque this week due to the storm. It makes traveling even harder. Glad you had fun.

Kerri said...

wow. You gotta laugh after a start like that, huh?


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