Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scenes From A Weekend: Popsicles

We had a wonderfully long/short holiday weekend. Long because Ranger, our 12 year old lab, didn't handle the trip to well and I spent much of the time taking him on quick trips outdoors. And short because anytime we get together with the cousins it is too short.
We have had many family weekends up at the cabin and they seem to keep changing as the kids grow. We use to spend a lot of time on the floor watching the babies roll over and pull themselves up but the youngest cousin (nine months) is practically taking steps and I'm sure he'll be walking before I see him next. The older kids are ready for fishing and hikes (though mine complain about a walk around the block). This year one of the aunts bought popsicles for an end of summer treat and they were a big hit. Watching your kid eat a popsicle can be great entertainment.

Tomorrow... the twirly dress returns.

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