Monday, August 9, 2010

The Wildlife Museum

I'm back at work and the last day of summer the girls wanted me to take them to the International Wildlife Museum. We went early and had the place to ourselves.

The girls spent time exploring the critters in the pond out front. They really spend time like this, hand in hand, and it just melts my heart. I love this picture with their arms entwined. The sisterly bond between them is so strong.

Erin and I loved the room filled with butterflies and moths. The colors and patterns were amazing.

Just an hour after seeing this...

and this...
Ava came home and made this museum for her toys. I love that kid.


Kish Pisani said...

Our dad helped start that museum and he wanted me to get married there, but I thought it would freak people out. Not like the elephant stools you love so much didn't already do that. He would be so happy that you took your girls there and they enjoyed it so much. It truly is a magical place. And the homemade museum is PRICELESS!

Sushma said...

I love that they hold hands - so sweet! This gives me hope, as right now Sonali (2 years old - almost 3) sees Priya (9 months) as more of a rival. I'm so looking for the day when they play together...and consequently I have more free me-time.

We live pretty close to the museum - we'll have to join you and the girls there sometime!


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