Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy Bullets

Sometimes life gets busy and you just have to revert to bullets to stay updated, so here I go.
  • My free time has been taken over by homework, Kung Fu, ballet and Girl Scouts.
  • Planning my next knitting project. So many yarns and patterns to choose from but after hours of browsing Ravelry I've decided on Whippoorwill with Madeline Tosh sock yarn... I think.
  • Celebrated my 36th birthday this weekend with a date night on Friday (King Fisher) and a family party with homemade pizza, beer and chocolate cake on Saturday.
  • Rain - good
  • Leak in roof - bad
  • Javelina living near by. Jeff saw a mama and 2 babies in our side yard one night and we keep finding their tracks in the mud - good and bad.
  • Finding my balance between work and home... again.
  • Wanting to take more pictures.
  • Found at Goodwill. A classic silk scarf with white with black polka dots for $1.50.

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