Friday, June 25, 2010

Science Friday - The Power of Air Pressure

Ava loves to watch Mythbusters with her dad. I saw this science exploration kit at Boarders bookstore and thought it would make a great birthday gift. After she opened it I stashed it away for summer. Yesterday they asked me, "When are we going to do science again?" So I pulled the marshmallow gun out of the closet.

I opened it up and let Ava figure it out by herself. I grabbed my camera and a pencil and recorded things she said.
  • Ava: This isn't working out like I had planned.
  • Erin: Maybe you should try it a different way.
  • Ava: Right here, I'll show you.

The teacher in me just loves to sit back and watch them problem solve. It didn't take long before they were off and running.

We talked about how to make the marshmallow fly further and that the air comes from our lungs. Ava tried moving the parts of the gun around to see if it would still work. Once she got the hang of it though it was all about the distance. Wrigley was a big fan of this experiment as well.

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Your sister in law Julie said...

That is pretty cool! Though a friend of mine at work tells me that it isn't very cool when your toddler shoves a half-eaten one in the tube. I also like how it doesn't look like a "gun" like many of them do. Cool!!


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