Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 4

"Heavy Metal"

I live in a steel box in the desert so I had a lot of inspiration for today's prompt. I turned to my owners manual and aperture jumped out at me. This was really fun to play around with. The shot is from a man hole cover. I loved the colors in the rust. Below are more images of "heavy metal" taken this morning.

"Sew" from "sewer". Speaking of sew, here are some after shots of my craft room clean up.


Lou and Mel said...

Fantastic photos - very inspiring as I've got too much going round my head!

Your craft room is lovely!

Diana Joy said...

Great photos of metal items. Your craft space looks amazing...I see you quilt and I like you have space for little ones. I just cleaned up my scrapbooking room Monday and blogged what a long day.

Sarah P. said...

Awesome shots! I love them.

Abi said...

The very first photo is amazing! Great ideas!

Vicki said...

i love the sew picture - it's really great. your craft room is fab xxx

Faith said...

LOVE this shot! I ended up with a shot of a manhole too! how funny.
LOVE your new crafting space!! I'm sure you're just loving it.


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