Sunday, May 23, 2010

Science Friday - Breezeometer

Summer is right around the corner which means I've been keeping a mental file of activities to do with the girls. I have a little schedule mapped out in my brain that includes weekly science experiments, trips to the library, art lessons and writing journals. My oldest still has a few more days left of second grade but by the third "I'm bored" this morning I knew they were in need of some structure. I pulled out the book 1001 Activities to do for a Smarter Child and started flipping. This Breezeometer was fairly easy to pull together and got them out side, perfect.

It is pretty self explanatory but basically you collect a group of household items and arrange them in order from lightest to heaviest. Attach them to a stick or pole with tape a few inches apart (I used part of a portable crib). We stuck ours in a planter outside because the soil was nice and soft. Success! Ava has started to keep a science journal so she wrote out the steps and drew her observations. I'm excited to play homeschool with them for the next few months so look for posts labeled Summer School if you have little ones to entertain.

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Jessica said...

That is such a neat idea!


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