Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm back from my trip to New York. It was sad saying goodbye to my Grandfather but nice having the family together. The Italian food did not disappoint. Although Italian families have a tendency to be large I only have one Aunt and Uncle and three Cousins. The youngest, Andrea, had a huge influence on me growing up. She is so creative and artsy. She teaches photography and design classes to high school students in Buffalo. While I was there she brought over her button maker so we could get crafty. I was so much fun.

First we raided my Aunt's basement for old National Geographics, vintage Highlight magazines and children's books. A few hours later we had a nice selection of buttons. The only thing that stopped us from making more was lunch. Here is the stash I came home with.

(my favorites, these came from the Highlight magazines)

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gardenmama said...

i love the spool pin so sweet!
i can imagine this to be quite addicting!


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