Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brining Work Home

The only time I think about work at home is when I am watching the news. Whenever I hear about drug raids, shootings or domestic violence I automatically think of my students. Many live in extreme poverty and have experienced more than I could imagine. There are many sad stories to tell but yesterday was particularly difficult for me.
First, I casually asked one of my second grade students "How was your weekend?". "Not good." He replied, "My dad lost his job." My heart sank. I could tell on his eight year old face that he knew how serious this was for his family. He is perhaps one of the kindest children I have ever met and the oldest of four. Not a good way to start the day.
Later that afternoon, after the kids had gone home a second grade teachers told me that one of my students had been withdrawn from school that day. She was a new student this year and had just began to open up. When I first met her she was quiet and did not look people in the eye. Recently I noticed a change. She was all smiles and hugs and I could tell she loved coming to school. We had no idea it would be her last day. I did not get to say good bye.
Finally, I had a meeting with a parent (of a second grader) and right from the beginning I could tell the mom had come with some things to get off her chest. Their trailer had burned down, everything was lost even the girl's school backpack. Next year she would have to go to a different school. Plus the mother had the additional stress of a dying grandparent, an estranged husband (who had beat her) trying to regain custody and police informing them that a family friend who had just been convicted of abducting a nine year old girl had written some disturbing things about their daughter. I knew who they were talking about because it was a big story on the local news several weeks ago.
I was numb for the rest of the day and am still not feeling like myself. I look at my own child, in second grade, and think about how different her life is from theirs. I prefer to keep this blog about my crafts and family but I wanted to write about these kids so I could remember their stories and as a reminder to myself to be grateful for all that we have.

Extra stories, snuggles and time together this morning. Sorry for the depressing post but I'm feeling a little better now.


Jessica said...

I feel the exact same way...I had to stop watching the news because my work reality was too much for me. Hugs.

Kara said...

Love the dresses!! Good god, they are soooo cute. I am checking out fabric site now.


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