Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorting Fabric

Last week I used my Joann's 40% off coupon plus a Christmas gift card to get this rotary cutting board set. I spent just over $20 and I feel like I have already gotten my money's worth. This cutting style is different and will take some practice but it make such straight lines. I love it.

With so many project on my 'to do' wish list I've decided to hit my fabric scrap stash instead of buying new fabric. First on the list is fabric bunting for my girl's room. I plan to make enough for 2 walls, about 26 feet. I'm trying to decide if I want to make it single or double sided.

The scraps are then being sorted into piles depending on size. I've got some set aside for making small bags. Long strips for a braided hot pad. Smaller scraps for patchwork projects. And finally, all the leftovers to use as filling.
I wish I could have finished the bunting today but I think it will have to be one of those projects that gets done in stages.

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