Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For "Champ"

Here are a few of the weekend projects I made for my daughter's teacher. Her baby is due any day now so these little gifts could not be put off. I'm so glad I could turn to Lotta Jansdotter for inspiration. This book is packed full of adorable handmade goods for babies. First I made this sweet giraffe rattle. I thought this spotted fabric was perfect.

I also made a pair of cozy flannel pants. These are cut in two pieces, not four. You just sew the front to the back, add the elastic and hem the bottoms. Done.

Finally, I used freezer paper stencils to make these onesies. This was my first attempt at the process and I am so excited to try it again. I am already thinking about all the stenciled decorations I can make for our Spring birthdays.

Now that these gifts have been wrapped and delivered we are just waiting for his arrival. Erin thinks they should name him Champ but I'm guessing that didn't make the short list of names. Whatever they decide he sure is one lucky little guy. We will miss you Mrs. Kerri.

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Lia said...

Cute! Love the giraffe. I've been wanting to try some freezer paper stenciling. Yours looks great!


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