Monday, January 18, 2010

Little Projects

One of my good friends recently discovered Amanda Soule and all of her wonderful crafty, motherly, handmade goodness. She was inspired to pull out her sewing machine and start some projects with her kids. This inspired me to clear my craft table and get to work.

Making a special bell for my sick girl was first on my list. Ava woke up with a soar throat and runny nose. Having a mild case of this last week I know how painful it is to talk. I loved when my mom would set me up on the couch with books, paper dolls and a sweet little teapot filled with hot tea. I even had a little bell I could ring if I needed her. This is not to send the message of servitude but more as a security bell. Just give it a ring and I'm here for you. Ava's face beamed the first time she used it. The little extra attention goes a long way when you're not feeling well.
That instant gratification was motivating but it is a little hard to pick up my sewing projects where I left off when it has been months since I've been on my machine. I needed to get my feet wet. After thumbing through Handmade Home I found a few things I could start and finish in a morning.

Some pot holders.

A new mouse pad.
I even managed to make something for my hubby, but I'll save that for tomorrow. Now that I've got a feel for it again I know there will me more sewing to come over the next few weeks.


Kara said...

You are so cute, love the shoutout! And the mousepad.

Lia said...

Ooooh I hope you are starting a blog too.


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