Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thanks Giving

I am thankful for little girls.
This November I am excited to start a new tradition that celebrates Thanks and Giving. Some time last year I came across this post over at chocolate on my cranium and was very inspired. I have printed each of my girls a tree titled Thanks and Giving. Every day they get to tell me what they are thankful for and something they give to others. I write it on a paper leaf and they add it to their tree. Today was about what I expected.
Thankful for Bronte (one of her dinosaurs).
Giving hugs to everyone, including the dogs.
Thankful for her family.
Giving a card to her grandmother.
I am thankful for little girls. I love that they are entertained by my creativity and they inspire me every day.
Today I gave them my time when we sat together and had a tea party. I stayed in the moment without letting my thoughts drift off to my to do list. I also gave them a homemade pumpkin pie. Not that we need more sweets in the house but fall was just calling to me.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I used to do something just like that! Maybe I should resurrect the thanks and giving tree again this year.


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