Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh Cinderella

Oh Cinderella I feel your pain. I have already found my prince but some days I feel like a servant in my own home. Here it is the first day of Autumn, one of my favorite days of the year and I am too tired to enjoy it. It is a Tuesday, my "day off" from work and this is how I spent it.
wake up
make bed
dress and feed kids
pack lunch for school
drop off 2nd grader
set up sick 4 year old on the couch
empty dishwasher
fill dishwasher
wash rugs
mop floors
clean 2 bathrooms
empty trash cans
clean kids room
wash rags/mop
clean dinning room table
feed dogs (again)
fold clothes
put clothes away
check and respond to personal emails
check and respond to work emails
wrap gifts for our 3 birthday parties on Saturday
make lunch

After that I called it a day. I joined my little one on the couch with my knitting and we watched Enchanted. I like the ending of this fairy tale better than Cinderella. Sometimes you can't wait for someone to save you, you just have to put your feet up and take care of yourself.

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