Monday, August 31, 2009

Craft Therapy

I was having one of those weeks where everything just builds up then your 4 year old decides not to eat the eggs you just made but wants a sandwich instead and it sends you into a meltdown. I timed myself out in the backyard with a cup of coffee. What I wanted to do that Sunday morning was rewind the weekend and start over but instead I picked up my knitting needles. One of my friends way back from middle school was having a baby shower and I decided she needed a new hat to go with the kimono and baby shoes. I pulled up project runway from my DVR and two hours later I had a hat. It was so satisfying to start and finish a project in one sitting.
Minutes after finishing I was out the door and on the way to the party. It was amazing to see a room full of people I had not seen since our 10 year high school reunion (20 is around the corner). Tina really seemed to like the gifts and I think the handmade items inspired a few friends to pick up new crafting skills as well. There was even talk of a wine and sewing party in the future. I came home feeling full of warmth from old friends and ready to start a new week.

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