Monday, January 5, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal - Food Challange!

Muffin Tin Meal - Food Challange!
This week I cleaned out our fridge with a Muffin Tin Meal Food Challange. I pulled two leftovers from each food group and had my kids vote on their favorite. And the winners are...

Chicken vs. Ham Ham!
Cheese vs. Eggs Cheese!
Honeydew vs. Cherries Honeydew!
Carrots vs. Corn Corn!


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart

PisecoMom said...

Very cute, what a fun idea to vote on favorites. Hmm, I can see my kids loving that idea!

Michelle Sybert said...

leftovers is a great kids would hate it, but it would be super fun!

Jessica said...

So this is what my life will be like in exactly 10 years. Oh, if I would only be so lucky! I've loved looking around your blog and I am so glad that you found your way to mine so that I could find this space! These little muffin tin meals are so great. I can't wait to come back and visit again.


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