Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tutus, tiaras and tea

Today was very girly. My daughter had her first sewing lesson. We hemmed the two raw edges of this year of pink fabric. All I did for the tutu was fold it over a ribbon and tie it around her waist. Tomorrow it may be a shawl, blanket or who knows. It was very pretty and she is so proud.
She also crafted these princess accessories completely by herself. The girls were given the book Crafts for Little Princesses this Christmas and are finished with 4 of the 15 projects. It comes with recipes too. So much fun.

This is what I did while they were busy. I poured myself a cup of tea in my grandmother's china and curled up with a book, Three Cups of Tea. My husband spent the day skiing with some friends (yes, there is skiing in Tucson). You could say we are all happy things have settled down and the craziness of the holidays have calmed.
One final note about slowing down. I am very grateful for all my success with my Etsy shop but I must admit that I don't miss the busyness of it. I may open it again in the future but for now I'll enjoy my book and tea.

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Lia said...

I just realized that my daughter has worn this shirt practically every day in December. It is clean, I promise.


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