Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tea Party Cookies

I have been drooling over all the adorable felt cookies and other treats on flickr. I had to make a set of my own (or for my girls that is). They are all hand cut, beaded and stitched using 100% wool. The cookies take a little time but are so much fun to make. These have been one of my early morning projects. As I sew I look up at the beautiful quilt made by grandmother and think of all the handmade doll clothes she made for mom to play with. My mom made me paper dolls, dresses for my Baby Ann and countless other fun things by hand. I hope my girls continue the tradition.

These are just the first few by the way. I hope to get a full dozen made by Christmas. I have a feeling there will be requests for more treats.

1 comment:

Lysa said...

I LOVE those. They're beautiful. If you are interested in a craft trade for crocheted treats (cupcake, ice cream cone, tiny cakes) AFTER Christmas, let me know. :)



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