Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rock Star

We have had a very exciting past few days. The highlight of the weekend for my girls was the Ralph's World concert. The girls were star struck from the minute they saw Ralph himself standing in the entrance when we arrived. Perfect photo opportunity but I forgot my camera. I have their little grins burned in my brain so that will have to do (but a picture would have been fantastic). It was a fun, rock'n concert. Ava enjoyed taking it all in from the 8th row but Erin was up and ready to dance. She even took advantage of the invitation to join the band on stage for the finale (with me and about 30 others). My mom came along for the fun and got the girls a CD on the way out. They have been singing the music all weekend.
This brings me to some more excitement. A sneak peek at one of several ideas I've been thinking about for my shop. My little rocker couldn't keep her hands off it so more are in the works.

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CC said...

Sounds like fun!


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