Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Belated Birthdays

I am finally getting caught up on birthday presents. My poor nieces and nephews have been neglected this year. In fact one of the seven (from my husbands side) is celebrating her 7th today. With Christmas around the corner I decided I better buckle down and get something in the mail. I feel badly they were missed because I really do believe birthdays are special but maybe a surprise package in the mail will make it up to them. Instead of getting gifts for just the ones I missed I thought a big box of craft projects would be a perfect gift for all the kids as the days are getting colder. The crafts include bead kits, paint-a-heart pendants, paint-a-star magnets and make-a-monster finger puppet sets from my etsy shop. Fun, fun, fun. I wish we could be with them to dig in and create.

Whew, that is a big one crossed of my to do list. Now just on to making dentist appointments.

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