Friday, October 10, 2008

I've been "Boo"ed

I got "Boo"ed at work this week. I found a fun surprise in my mailbox from an anonymous "Boo"er, a basket filled with candy and school stuff. The directions were left to "Boo" someone else in the next 48 hours. I really wish I had a few more days to create something really cool but this is what I came up with in hour 45. (Yes, I was one of those to do homework at the last minute) This "Boo" banner was inspired by my family banner I made last week. They are so much fun I want to add more. In fact I think these deserve a flickr group - homemade decorations from items on hand, or something like that. I had the paper, yarn, spider rings (I cut the band off) and magnets. I'd love to see what you come up with.
Here are the contents of the final gift. Now I just need a basket to put them in. I love working in such a fun place. Teacher are the best!

1 comment:

CC said...

Adorable!! Can you "boo" me too! ;)


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