Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Kangaroo jumped off to a good start!

Busy, busy, busy! My Kangaroo had its "Grand Opening" Sale on April 15th and by the weekend had made 6 sales. The transportation crayons were very popular. Sadly no one was wanted to spring .20 for the Pay It Forward Bingo games, but I'll keep them listed. I'm working on the next PIF, a scavenger hunt.

There are only a handful of items listed in the shop. These were things I could make relatively quickly and post. I have so many projects to start as soon as we are done with school/work. The girls and I are R-E-A-D-Y. We don't talk about it too much at home though because poor dad still has to go to work. Take a peek at how we started.

By the way Sew Crewel is stillopen, but mot actively listing.

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