Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why, My Craft Evolution

I do not consider myself a person on edge of technology. I am amazed that I even considered starting a blog. But, it seemed like the perfect way to document my craft evolution.

I have been creating from the time I first picked up a crayon. Mom my reminded me that I was always working on one project or another. Redecorating my room, making doll clothes... etc. Right up through high school I was still taking classes in photograpy, drawing, ceramics. Then, I went to college, graduate school, got a job and got married. Crayola came back into my life when I had two little girls. Only now they are washable, what a genius idea that is. However, my craft evolution didn't truely begin until the day my mom forwarded an e-mail about Etsy.

The moment I saw the front page was like walking into a craft party. I was introduced to a whole new world of artists creating everything from fine art to baby bibs. I was hooked immediately. Within a few days I was at Michaels craft store looking for that spark of inspiration. I found it in The New Crewel by Katherine Shaughnessy. I ordered materials from her website http://www.woolandhoop.com/ and the journey began.

On Aug. 14 2007, the day my oldest started Kindergarden, I opened my own etsy shop. http://www.sewcrewel.etsy.com/. I would like to say it has been wonderful, but I feel more like I should be earning credits for all the time I've spent learning. In the last 5 months I have learned photography, computers, marketing, ordering, shipping... I barely had time to crewel. From there I started making felt ornaments because I could practice sewing. It was cheep, fast and easy. However, my craft expectations exceeded felt ornaments and so it was time to move on.

That brings me to last week. My sewing machine arrived. I ordered a Brother from Overstock.com. I found a $500 machine for $139, what a deal! My next step was to pick up In Stitches by Amy Butler from the library. Just thinking about it gets me excited. Here have been my projects so far.

1. Teddy bear, self made pattern.

2. Simple leather-handled (I used ribbon) shoulder bag from Amy Butler pattern.

The speed of my hands and limited time cannot keep up with all the ideas in my head. I started this blog really for myself and maybe for my friends and family. But I hope anyone reading this will enjoy. Let the crafting begin!


Julie A. said...

I am so excited to read this! You are so creative and talented - I can't wait to see where your crafting journey takes you. And I can't wait to join you once my little ones get to Kindergarten, too! :-)
Love, your first blog fan, Julie

gd2grt said...

You say you are not on the technology edge but I think you are the first family member to have a BLOG, even though it is about sewing. Will there be any discussions about the Green Bay Packers on this Blog? That would get me to regularly check. (just kidding) I'm very proud of you little sister. Love your second blog fan. T

David A said...

I like the blog and look forward to its progression and the next new creation. I think you should include the girls progress as well. It looks like you have stirred their creative side as well.

Your #1 Fan!! David


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