Monday, January 21, 2008


I think I need to start sharing all the goofs. They are not funny at the time but looking back all the mistakes are a little humorous. For example I was proud that I learned how to apply a snap only to realize that I put the two sides facing down. Oops. I should have also taken pictures of the flowered purse that I made with one outside facing in causing a loop in the handle. I did contemplate keeping it that way, but I was compelled to make it look like the picture. Those pajama pants I made a few days ago I originally sewed together in a big tube that looked like a giant skirt. Got to love the woman who invented a seam ripper (I'm guessing it was a woman, correct me if I'm wrong). When I need to stop, rip and restitch (or get out the pliers in this case), I need to just remember that mistakes are to be expected. That is why I titled this processes my craft evolution in the first place.

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Julie A. said...

Last summer I hemmed my first pair of pants with a seweing machine. Silly me - I hemmed them the wrong way, so my pants had a really ugly cuff!! I had to rip the seam out, cursing and laughing the whole time.

Gotta love silly mistakes - I'll never do that again!

Love the posts! You are making really cool stuff!!


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